Monday, 29 November 2010

Winter Wonderland

A winter Wonderland, beautiful scenery in the snow

Once again we are in the grips of winter, a mere 8 months after the last comedy snow here up near Inverness.  We have about a foot of snow at present but as I type it has started falling again.  Luckily we dont have to be anywhere until Sunday so we managed to restock in town today and it is now a case of battening down the hatches..... I love it!!!

Birds have been coming into the feeders and food in good numbers, giving plenty of photo opportunities, I'm not putting my nets up to give the birds as little disturbance as possible, but once it starts thawing I should be on for some mega catches!

Male House Sparrow

Even such a common bird as this House Sparrow warrant a second glance when the lighting is so good against the snow.

Female Chaffinch

So if a Robin swallowed a tennis ball what would it look like?..........

Hopefully if it stops snowing, I will get out tomorrow for some picture taking, nice flock of Reed Buntings just down the road so think they will be my quarry.

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