Friday, 22 April 2011

From my childhood

Today was a real blast from the past. 

I was going thorugh my bookcase when I found my very first notebook, and the very first entry was this one of the Osprey at Loch of the Lowes.

I used to get dropped off by my Aunt and Uncle then they would take my parents for lunch and leave me in the hide!  Happy days!

This fieldnote was made on 20 May.......... 1977!

I can still remember the excited anticipation that built for days before the visit, my parents didnt drive so I was dependant on my Aunt and Uncle for transport, and that feeling of seeing the Ospreys would stay with me for the whole of my birding life.  I still get a buzz every time I see one and my mind always strays back to the first visits to Loch of the Lowes and hence the Logo for Birding Ecosse.

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  1. Dead right Dave, Osprey is one of THE buzz birds wherever you see them - fabulous beasts.