Saturday, 7 May 2011


Been a very busy week with workshops and the many summer migrants arriving have given a whole host of new species for folk to look at and come to grips with.

Burghead has been the most popular destination again and with the White Billed Diver still on offer and many lingeringing winter sea ducks still in the area it was clear to see why.

An important meeting for me as an individual and Birding Ecosse as a business was the "vetting" given by Kirsty and Katy from the excellent Birdwatching and Wildlife Club based in the Grant Arms Hotel in Grantown-on-Spey, after a whirlwind tour and explanation of each my workshop locations  I am glad to report the outcome was positive and they have accepted Birding Ecosse as one of their recommended tour companies, to say I am over the moon is an understatement!

The diary is still healthy with new workshops getting booked and the regulars returning to see the familiar locations in a new season, I try to impress on people that once the three workshops have been completed it doesn't mean they have to stop!  The seasons are ever changing as is the birds that visit these locations, even some of the same birds change their appearance so if you  if you like a particular birding spot and want to visit more than once, then just get in touch!

Katy and Kirsty from the BWWC


  1. Great result!

  2. Thanks Marcus, and with a lot on constructive ideas from yourself!

    Looking forward to meeting up sometime soon just let me know.