Thursday, 10 November 2011

Birding Ecosse strikes Gold!

It was just one of those days, brilliant company, stunning Scottish scenery enhanced by beautiful autumnal sunshine, and a bucket load of Golden Eagles (well three to be exact!)

All were juveniles and the one that gave best views had to be the one where I didn't have my camera!

The pics are a very poor effort but I will be back in the very near future to see if I can get any decent images.

Juvenile (1st Winter) Golden Eagle

Good numbers of Buzzard and Kestrel, Fieldfare and Redwing and also appearing were Mountain Goat and a large and noisy herd of Red deer.

A big thanks goes to Jackie, who picked up the first two eagles (I was being mother and making the coffee and tea!)  And to newlyweds Nick and Tracey!! (Aye newlywed 26 years ago!!) for being such good company.

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