Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Loch Fleet

Had a cracking day with a visit to Loch Fleet in Sutherland.  The day started off with a horrendous weather forecast and radio warning of Black Ice on the road we we to travel on, but we decided to travel up and re-evaluate the conditions when we arrived.  Turned out the roads and weather we fine.

The new hide on the reserve is beautiful and very well situated, the gale force winds made the water choppy and the birds low, but a highlight was a single Whimbrel roosting directly in front of the hide, must be an over-wintering individual, but best of all it was a lifer for Robert. 

                                                                          Loch Fleet

The wind kept the woodland birds quiet, in fact the strength of it blowing through the drowned out nearly all other noise.

The drive along the south edge of the Loch was better, with plent of parking spots it makes for a fantastic area to scope for waders, and will be a definite for a Spring time trip.

Heading inland from the Loch towards Embo we came across a good sized, but highly mobile finch flock, mainly Linnets , Greenfinch and Chaffinch, but on one of the few occasions the landed in view we had one Twite perched on the wires with them, it would have been nice if the had given the opportunity for a longer view to scan through the entire flock!

Funny moment of the day was the sign for the vilage of Embo.... why twin yourself with places in France or Germany when you can pick somewhere warm.......!

Now I've never been to Kaunakakai but was wondering what is their equivalant for " Grannies Hielan Hame?"

Thanks to Robert for a great day, good company and sorry I didn't use the  "otter" picture   :-)

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