Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year and return to Greater Yellowlegs

Well the lure of the Greater Yellowlegs proved too much and we headed back North to Loch Fleet (it is so good having a girlfriend that is a birder as well!) to add this wee beauty to the 2012 list.

A lovely drive North through some stunning scenery, once we had cleared the rain at Inverness.  Arriving at the same location as yesterday we were pleased to see the bird had not moved, plus as an added bonus it was joined by a Greenshank.

The Yellowlegs was feeding extremely well and in a ten minute period scoffed at least five worms so hopefully it's winter vacation may not spell it's demise.

Nearby was a huge finck flock containing Greenfinch, Chaffinch, at least 5 Brambling, Linnets, Redpoll and Twite.

Greenshank (left) Greater Yellowlegs (Right)


Greater Yellowlegs


This was my perfect way to spend 01 January and by far the best birding start to any year, a total day list of 52, lovely weather and the company of Lynda, lets hope this is the start of a fantastic 2012.

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