Friday, 23 March 2012

Crossbills, Capercaillies and a cracking sunrise!

Out well before daylight today to check up on my local Capercaillies.  Mindful of the strict "Caper code of conduct" I drove to the local area, staying on the main road that winds through the forest and sat comfortably in my car with the windows down and engine off, drinking a coffee.

Just as dawn was breaking (and about 30 minutes after arrival) a male gave a low flypast over the road heading deeper into the forest and, almost immediately, in the opposite direction another male started calling (this bird was not seen and no attempt made to track it down)

It was a great way of Caper counting and it is brilliant news that there are at least two males in the area.  The local Gamekeeper thought only one male and one female were remaining. 

A beatiful Scottish morning, frosty and calm.

Driving to another location, away from the Caper area, I stopped for breakfst and a bit of general birding, the pace was alive with Crossbills, some in full song, others fliting around from tree to tree all the while "tchuup tchuup tchuuuping" to each other, it's a pity they never seem to carry on like this in full sunshine when I stand a chance of digiscoping some decent images!

Add to the cast Red Squirrel, Great Spotted woodpecker drumming, treecreeper and Siskin, it was a lovely way to start a Friday!


  1. Thats terrific news about the Capercaillies, and great photos of the crossbills.

  2. Guess whos coming to Speyside for a week in April!...Complete with moth trap...

  3. Where you staying when you're up Stewart?