Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New migrant hotspot?

Every now again you visit a place that you have driven past many times but never given a second glance.
Nairn leisure park is one of these places, yesterday I drove past after a futile sea watching effort and noticed this park and it's many migrant attracting sycamore trees.  Today wasnt the best day for a recce visit, the rain is still falling, however Friday morning is looking good for an early morning jaunt.
Excuse the slightly fuzzy images, damp lense, but will give a flavour of the place.




  1. Wow, that certainly looks like a brilliant spot. There must be a rarity like a Hume's Warbler or similar lurking there somewhere :) Good luck birding there.

  2. yes- that looks good! Looking forward to your breaking news of rarities!......

  3. Looks like a great spot - can you give me a google map. The YBW at ardersier was in just a few trees so this lot would definitely get some goodies.