Saturday, 27 October 2012


Well it has been a fair few weeks since my last blog (sorry!) but life has been hectic since my return from Spain, and my vertigo has also returned (luckily not as severe as last year)

Anyway, Spain, had a fantastic week with brilliant weather, 52 species and 10 lifers.  It was fairly difficult to get to birding sites using public transport and we resorted to hiring a guide, Josse from Parknatur to get us out into the countryside for a day!  And what a top day both Lynda and myself had.  Torcal el Antequara, Fuente do Piedra, El Chorro, Laguna Dulce all jaw dropping places and all back on our visit list for next year!

The Paloma park in Benalmadena was a brilliant place to visit and only a 15 minute walk from the flat, but highlight was the Marina, unfortunately we never found the birding side of this location until the last day!

The only place we never got to was the Rio Guadalhorce, the reserve just south of Malaga, what I initially thought was going to be easy to reach turned out to be a logistical night mare!  However I have a new "cunning plan" for next year.

 Rock Bunting
Griffin Vulture

Colour Ringed Black Redstart

And finally, I have found a way to get Lynda to enjoy seawatching.  Take her to the Med!

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