Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The manic pace continues!

Sorry for lack of posts recently, it's not that I have nothing to report, the exact opposite in fact with not enough hours in the day!

Met some brilliant people, seen some brilliant birds and been in some spectacular Scottish scenery.

To keep you going a quick selection of pics taken over the last few weeks.

Tawney Owl (looking stunning...... not!)

Can you spot Owlet number 2?

 Black Throated Diver

My office! (when on a tour that is)


  1. Love the owlets. Found #2.
    Your office is gorgeous. I love Scotland.
    Found your blog via Phil's "Another Bird Blog"
    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

    1. Thanks for the comment Kay, let me just say I love Canada, especially Alberta.... In fact I love it so much I'm heading your way in 21 days!! Was there in 2011 and can't wait to get back! I will give you a wave as we land in Calgary :-)