Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New Logos

Really pleased with the result of new logo for my business, now just to work out how to place it everywhere I want it!


  1. I really like your new logo. It is very distinctive and although Ospreys are no longer confined to NE Scotland they are very much linked with this area.
    I am not so keen on the contrast between the Royal Blue text, for links, and the Navy Blue background. The white on blue is excellent so maybe a wee rethink on the link text colour would be better for users.

  2. Thanks for the comment John and agree fully, have made the change and it looks far better.

    Was down at Burghead today, no sign of King Eider and generally very quite, good views of Long Taied Duck and a Grey Seal in the Harbour again.

  3. Thanks Phil, thats the one I like best as well. The middle one is for my headed paper and the bottom one for getting my work clothes embroidered.

    All the best, Dave