Thursday, 21 July 2011

Canada 2011

Just sorting through Lyndas pictures and came across this little selection.

Spot the American Pipit!  This was actually taken in America , from the Waterton boat trip stop off in Montana, brilliant boat trip.

Close encounter with the Grizzly kind, we parked up to let this beast pass.  Just wandering down the middle of the road. One of the highlights of the whole trip.

Male Harlequin Duck, at the foot of the waterfall in Waterton Park. Hard to photograph owing to dull weather and fast flowing river so she done a far betterjob thean I did in getting this pic!

Ahhh the view from the fifth wheel first thing in the morning!  My ideal life would be to bird through Canada and America in a Dodge truck and a fifth wheel.

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  1. Your comment on the Grizzly made me laugh Dave - I bet you parked up smartish and kept quiet too? Good shot though and no shaking!