Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Not so easy!

Sitting here wallowing in self pity with an inner ear infection, and looking through my bins makes me feel even worse so no driving, working or even birding for the next few days.

Thanks for the replies to "feeding frenzy" and yes there where three species, Siskin Greenfich and two Goldies hiding.

Now this one is slightly more tricky, a hint is "it is probably not the one you think it is"

Right I'm off for another session of self pity!



  1. It is the one I think it is. Its a Cedar...

  2. well done Stewart, first correct answer

  3. Waxwing is my guess

  4. Can you be more specific John? There is a key ID feature to look at.

  5. John, are you near a Gordons Bay in SA?