Saturday, 29 October 2011

Eagles to Dolphins!

Full day guiding today Starting off at Lochindorb then Findhorn Valley- Farr Road the over to Black Isle.

It was one of those days where all the target species turned out on cue and showed off to anyone that cared to look in their direction.

At Lochindorb the Red Grouse were more numerous than I have seen in many months, the males strutting and calling to each other, all looking stunning in the early morning sunlight.

Male and female Red Grouse

Male Red Grouse

Female Red Grouse

Highlight of the day was when a White Tailed Eagle was seen soaring alongside a Golden Eagle and both being buzzed by a pergrine!

White Tailed Eagle 

White Tailed Eagle

All in all a brilliant day out, supporting cast included: Male Brambling at a feeder in Tomatin, Red Deer Rutting at Findhorn Valley and Breaching Bottle nosed Dolphins on the Moray Firth.

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