Saturday, 15 October 2011

The old and the new.

Just back from a fantastic 5 days in Norfolk, that included unblocking  my bogey bird and a chance twitch for a lifer.. more to be told in a later blog!

However one morning over breakfast I got around to talking about binoculars and how I  almost had a trip down memory lane by purchasing  a pair of my first ever binoculars off e-bay, a set of Prinz 10x50 porro prisms.

At this point Hazell remarked to Bernard (and thank you both for looking after me and Lynda so well!) "is that not the type we have" and lo and behold a pair of Prinz 10x50 appeared.  Happy memories and a real treat to compare the "then" and "now" and much as I loved my Prinz I will stick with the Swaro's!

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