Thursday, 24 May 2012

Guiding the guide

Yesterday I met up with fellow tour guide Peter Jones who had booked a holiday through Wild at Heart a local eco tour business, it seemed strange at first guiding a tour guide, but as he explained my local knowledge was what they were after.

A  highly diverse group there was a great atmosphere in the mini-bus throughout the trip.  First stop was a local loch in search of Red Throated Divers, it was then I realised these people were more than beginners when it came to photography, unfortunately, although the divers were showing well they were just too far off shore for decent shots.

Grouse put on a fine display and made up for the lack of Diver shots, the male and female closely guarding at least three young, next stop Eagle country.....

Or not as the case proved to be, it was a beautiful day for soaring eagles but alas none were to be seen but both Mountain and Brown hares, Red Deer and feral goats all gave the group plenty to snap at, with some amazing shots of boxing hares to be had.

All in all a cracking day, with glorious weather and a great deal of laughs, hopefully Peter and "wildwatch tours ltd" will return in the very near future.

Wildwatch Tours Ltd, having lunch

Today was a planned admin day, half day and full day tours have kept me extremely busy for the whole of May, so today articles for publcation had to written, e-mails replied to and grass to be cut.... this proved a distraction though as both Blackcap and Whitethroat were singing close by and I just had to try and get some pictures!  Not to worry at least I got half the garden cut :-)




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