Sunday, 6 May 2012

Introducing the new Birding Ecosse vehicle

Well the time had come to trade in my ever reliable three door fiesta to a swanky new five door version, and I must say the new car is a dream to drive with bags more room in the back and boot.  No more squeezing into the rear seats, everyone gets their own door!! 

Keeping to a smaller vehicle means it is kinder to the environment and economic to drive and helps to ensure that Birding Ecosse still provides brilliant value for money for all who take part in half or full day tours.

Out on it's maiden run we clocked up Black Grouse, Ring Ouzel, Golden Eagle, Short Eared Owl and Red Throated Diver, not bad for an afternoon!


  1. Very nice! But what happened to the Yeti??????????

  2. Yeah, really like the Yeti but very very expensive! Maybe next time, or maybe a c-max if business continues the way it has been going! :-)