Sunday, 10 February 2013

And here is one I made earlier - A Birding Ecosse Blue Peter Moment!

I follow a blog by a young Canadian Birder "Prairie Birder" at On one of her posts she had a picture of a Downy Woodpecker feeding on a  homemade feeder, and it got me thinking of making ones similar, so here is the Blue peter moment!

Take an empty time

Place some string coiled into the bottom of tin, leaving a good overhang of string on the outside of tin as well.

Melt some hard lard (cow or horse!)

Pour about 1cm of seed in to bottom of tin, then pour on the melted lard and stir gently, this ensure the lard in all the way down to the bottom of the tin.

Repeat the above process until tin is full.  Allow the lard to set (leave overnight)

Turn tin upside down and cut off the bottom.

Fish out the string that you coiled in the bottom of the tin at start of process.

Tie the ends together and put out on your feeder

Voila!! A cheap, efficient and eco friendly feeder, once all the food had gone recycle tin as normal.

This has a few very relevant points, As a ringer they are ideal for feeding stations, they last for ages providing a constant source of food, they are cheap so if someone does nick them it has cost you minimum outlay.  Also because they are ultimately disposable it cuts down on the chance of trichonomosis (sp?) spreading from dirty feeders.

Anyway now I've started I'm off to build a full size Apollo space rocket using old washing up bottles and some sticky backed plastic!!

Good birding!

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