Saturday, 2 February 2013

It's been a ducky sort of day!

Well, today turned into a very birdy day, albeit unplanned!  And a trip into the cake shop in Forres turned into five hours in the field!

First port of call was Cooper park in Elgin, and yes i know it was just a Mandarin but what an absolutely stunning wee bird, and was nice to see a few birders turning up to see it.  Met a young birder/photographer called Kian from Elgin, I will post a link to his blog shortly he has some nice pics.

Male Mandarin Duck

We then headed through to Burghead for .. yes you have guessed it... the Long Tailed Ducks, today however they were upstaged by this Common Scoter, but we got this bird to ourselves as everyone was looking at the Long Taileds.  Lesson to all those people, don't get blinkered to what is about you!!

Mute Swan, profile shot.

A very very distant Female Smew at Loch Spynie

A top birding day for Lynda and myself with some great views of some top birds.  And I know the Mandarin is from a collection.... but I can't help smiling when I see it!


  1. Coming here from Michelle Frost's blog. :-D You've got AMAZING photos here!!! WOW! I've never seen the first duck ever! Fantastic colours!

  2. Hi

    You very kindly pointed out the Common Scoter to my husband and I on the day. I've popped up a link to your blog and tour site on my blog, along with our photos.

    And while I'm here... I have another birding blogger, Yoke in Ireland, to recommend:

    Yoke has a wildlife photography blog as well, she also does reviews on how disabled-friendly bird and wildlife reserves are. Or she used to... since her husband died getting out and about in a wheelchair has become more problematic, I think.


    Oh crikey! I nearly forgot my own blog link. LOL

  3. Hi Michelle, thanks for the comment. The duck is a male Mandarin Duck, not a wild bird so has escaped from a collection but none the less a complete stunner!! It is still down at Cooper Park in Elgin so if you're heading that way nip in for a look.

  4. Hi Dave, and Hi Amel :)


    Thank you for the heads up on Mr Mandarin. He certainly is a stunner!
    Amel is in Northern Finland and has some lovely photos of Finnish red squirrels and birds on her blog.

    Now I'm going to go browse your blog a bit more...