Saturday, 23 March 2013

Black, Red, White and Gold!

Just had a fantastic couple of morning tours with Richard. The weather on day one was stunning, flat calm, -9 and frost crisp on the ground.  Oh what a difference 24 Hours make! Day two dawned with gale force winds, continual snow flurries and a biting easterly wind.

The first highlight was the Black Grouse on our local moor.  We arrived to hear the soft bubbling calls of nearby males, but instead of coming from one spot they were all over moor!  Keeping below the skyline we managed to observe at least four individual males from behind the newly erected viewing screens, infact we had three in a single tree.  It was brilliant to see so many males at a lek where the numbers had been falling. We left quietly, the birds undisturbed and still "strutting their stuff"  Lets hope further visitors treat these birds with respect and use common sense to avoid disturbance, as these birds can be viewed perfectly well from the "authorised" viewpoint.

Next onto one of of what has been  one of my highlights of the winter season, feeding the coal tits!  The numbers of birds have dropped off but there were still a few around only too happy to relieve us of some sunflower hearts.  Sadly no Crested were around, so onto site two for these! Success came early with  two birds seen at fairly close range.  Target bird two in the bag!

Richard on Holiday.

Next onto one of favourite local places for Red Grouse, target bird three collected.  One female was so close you had to wind the car window down to observe her at the side of the road!!

A very successful morning, with great company and plenty of laughs, how would day two shape up, well the weather was worse, but the birds?................... (to be continued)

As a teaser, what happened next?

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