Monday, 25 March 2013


So what indeed did happen next?

Well as we were sitting in "Eagle Car park" having a cup of coffee, I was just remarking that the snowy white backdrop to the mountains would make tracking the eagles a lot easier, if they were to appear.  When lo! From the right side of my vision I caught the movement of a large bird gliding over the valley, low and to the south.  The sheer size of the bird ID it as a White Tailed Eagle, the lack of any white pointing to an immature bird. 

To my amazement it soared over the valley and then landed, in full view, on the slope of the mountain..... scopes to the ready!  It gave amazing views and allowed us to see that it was wing tagged (black tag with yellow "X") I snapped off some digiscoped record shots but the light was very poor.

 Having filled our stomachs with coffee and our scopes with WTE we set off to the top car park.

Setting up the scopes in the biting east wind the first thing that caught our attention was the Mountain Hare, in its usual position on the scree slopes, it was whilst watching this, a movement to the left of one of the mountain ridges caught my attention..... Another large raptor........ this time an immature Golden Eagle!!
The bird soared out briefly giving stunning views.

Then just as we thought things could not get better..

A second bird appeared and the two birds "talon grappled"

And then....

A third bird appeared!! The Golden Eagle Flying Display Team!

An absolutely stunning morning, and one of the times that a birding event will be etched in my mind.  Richard seemed happy with the morning work so home we headed....

However the eagles had a final finale!  Just as we approached Eagle Car Park for a second time another (or perhaps one of the display team birds) Golden Eagle appeared from the right hand side of the valley and cruised very low level, right over the top of the car, the perfect end to a brilliant tour!

However roll on 24 hrs............. to be continued.

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