Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Brambling, Fieldfare and Caper!!

Well what a brilliant birding day, and most done from my living room!

The day started well when I opened the curtains and was greeted by a Fieldfare feeding on the seeds left over from yesterday.


Next on the list was a  Brambling, really pleased to get this in the garden and a lifer for my girlfriend.


The last bird was not photographed sadly, however when we were out for a stroll a male Capercallie flew out from woodland, across the village and headed back into the far side of  the forest. Think it must have been disturbed by a local Pheasant shoot.

No let up in the weather still, minus 12.4 last night and never got above minus 4.5 all day.  Beautiful scenery though.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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