Thursday, 9 December 2010

December Quiz (Bumped)

During the many trips in the field trying out the new digiscoping kit, I manage to capture some (a lot!) of less than perfect images.

So to that end I will publish a new image every month and see how many correct identifications I recieve.  If I get a good response I will go to weekly images (believe me I have loads I can use!) 

Good luck and enjoy.

Whats that bird?

Just for a laugh and to test your brain during the long winter nights!!


  1. mm seems familiar.

  2. Funny, I have rather a lot of pictures similar to that. It's either Little Grebe or Nessie.

  3. Not a Little Grebe..... or Nessie (she is in the next series of pic:-))

    If you look really closely you will se a clue, mid frame.

  4. Forgaot to add, does you new Middle East Guide show anything about Red Necked Stint in Iraq?

  5. Dave, Red -necked Stint,Vagrant - Iran, Israel, UAE - hope that helps but I'm not going to Iraq to look.