Sunday, 19 December 2010

My fingers are in shreds!

Nets up in garden at first light, lots of birds in the immediate vicinity including 30+ Fieldfare.

Brilliant days ringing as the following totals show, including retraps

Robin         2 new        1 retrap
Blackbird   3 new
Blue tit       44 new !!   2 retrap
Great tit     11 new
Dunnock    3 new
Chaffinch   1 new         1 retrap
Coal tit      2 new         1 retrap
Yellowhammer 1 new

The yellowhammer was star bird, first for garden and my first for over ten years! The 46 Blue tits were just downright painful!

All these in mostly an 18ft net.  One downside was the state of my "new" 40ft jap mist net.  Only the second outing for this net and a few flaws already becoming apparent.

Net will go up again in the morning for a few hours to see if  the Blue tits are gone or hanging around the area.


  1. Do your birds get only metal rings, or do they get coloured ones as well? Sounds like a great day.

  2. I only ring with the BTO alloy rings, although I may register a Coal Tit project just to see the feeding rate of individual birds.

    I usually have a 40ft and 18ft joined at 90 degrees to follow a hedge I have, but had to take down the 40 ft as I was in danger of getting swamped with Blue and Great Tits.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment John.