Friday, 24 December 2010

Pottering around.

Blackbird in Potter Trap

Have had some good results with a Potter trap in my front garden border, three days of ringing has produced:

Blackbirds  11 new and 2 retraps
Robins         4 new and 1 retrap
Dunnock      1 new
Great tit        1new

One of the retrap Blackbirds of interest first ringed in same location 20/02/08 as a Juv male but has not been retrapped since.


  1. Hi Dave, I once made a potter after copying a picture in Ennions book 'house on the shore'. It was a good one for tits when too windy for netting.

    All the best for Christmas and the New Year....

  2. Dedication is the name of the game. How many on 25th December Dave?

  3. Absolutely zip! Fieldfare was so close to going in as well! It was nice having the anticipation though! Off to try for BH Gulls tomorrow, will keep you posted.